Quantity Surveying Restated

Financial Statements (QS to Client)

This is a much misunderstood area of quantity surveying practice.  Many Clients I speak with do not require reams of spreadsheet analysis from their quantity surveyors. Nor do they have the time or the inclination to work through a mountain of data.  Quite simply they want information that answers the following questions - and in a few a pages as possible: 

  1. How is my project doing in relation to budget?
  2. When will it be completed?
  3. Are known issues evaluated and unknown issues anticipated?
  4. Do I have sufficient money in my budget to complete the project?
  5. What is the current risk profile of this project?
My Financial Statement template provides a format that helps to answer these questions easily.  A template for it is available here.  Shortly, time permitting, I hope to develop this into a practice note as part of my Quantity Surveying Restated series.  The template may be reproduced for your use (including commercial use) provided attribution is given to me as the original author.  If you would like an Excel version of this to use then please contact me.  Naturally, no liability is accepted for any use whatsoever of this template.  Please see our terms and conditions.