Covid-19 Updates

Face Coverings in Construction

In response to coronavirus, the use of face coverings has become mandatory in more public places, and construction employers have asked the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) for guidance to help provide a consistent approach across the industry.

Covid-19 Cost Assessment Toolkit

The Professional Practice Task Group for the Construction Leadership Council Covid-19 Task Force has published a methodology for assessing and reporting the cost implications of disruption due to the pandemic.

Construction clients and contractors rely on accurate cost prediction as the basis of business plans, financial contracts, and commercial control.

The Toolkit acts as a guide to enable better cost forecasting to assist the industry in making informed investment decisions on viability, improving robustness of pipeline and driving long term economic growth.

The Cost Assessment Toolkit canb be downloaded from the CLC web site or from the link on our Resources page.

Future Proofing Contracts

The Disputes and Collaboration group for the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) COVID-19 Task Force has published guidance on futureproofing contract amendments in the light of COVID-19.

Building upon the Contractual Best Practice Guidance published by the group earlier in the year, it includes options for amending many of the JCT and NEC contracts to cater for impacts of the pandemic on delivery of the works/services.

The output cannot tell parties what to do, but can help them identify the issues and distil their negotiated position into the drafting of the contract.

It is intended that this advice will provide a starting point for all parties involved as to how they will deal with the COVID-19 pandemic going forward.

The Contractual Best Practice Guide can be downloaded from the CLC website or from the link on our Resources page.

CLC Site Operating Procedure v5

The Site Operating Procedures have been updated by the Construction Leadership Council to reflect the latest Government guidance following the easing of lockdown measures in England from Saturday 4 July. The ‘one metre plus’ social distancing guidelines require workers to stay two metres apart, or one metre with risk mitigation where two metres is not viable, and it is expected that sites will maintain the social distancing measures in place.

SOP5 can de downloaded directly from the CLC web site or from the link on our Resources page.