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It is imperative that contractual mechanisms continue to be followed to preserve each party's rights and remedies under the contract.  Nonetheless, the Construction Leadership Council states "the majority of contracts are not being administered in accordance with their terms".  The CLC has called for industry to work together to support the long term health of the construction and engineering sector by constructively resolving all contract issues arising from the pandemic.  This microsite is Beckwith Mediation's contribution to this quest.

Since its inception in 2013, Beckwith Mediation has evolved from reactive problem solvers to become practice innovators in the field of construction dispute resolution.

We bring a wealth of client-side and supply-side commercial construction and engineering experience to the table.

We combine this with the principles of effective contract management and the law to deliver real world solutions for clients.

The Construction Leadership Council have said that the risks of Covid-19 mean that it is inevitable that delays will arise on live projects and maintenance systems and that additional costs will be incurred.  In recognition of the difficulties foreshadowed by the Construction Leadership Council - for Employers as well as Contractors, Specialists and Consultants - Beckwith Mediation has created this microsite to set out an innovative and cost effective solution for avoiding disputes as construction work resumes and projects get under way again.


The Construction Leadership Council publishes materials to assist businesses during these Covid-19 times.  We track and collate their (and related) information so that you don't have to and make it available on our Resources pages.


Meet the Team

The Beckwith Mediation Team comprises trained professional and/or legally qualified personnel with experience in construction projects, the contracts that support them and the considerable issues that affect them.


Conciliate don't adjudicate!

Our conciliators are impartial, independent, professionally qualified and experienced.  We can assist you to identify the disputed issues, develop options, consider the alternatives and reach agreement.


College of Neutrals

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The College of Neutrals is a Beckwith Mediation initiative that rains people to support Parties construction contracts during post Covid-19 negotiations and when problems arise thereafter.  We provide valuable exposure for newly qualified but in experienced mediators and project neutrals.  


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